A Quick Guide to Railroad Scales

When referring to railroad scales in Dallas, most people are referring to the size of a model in comparison to the real-life size option. This can be anything from tracks to a freight car. There are different options that people can choose from depending on how big they want their model representation to be.

N Scale

The N scale items are the smallest scale you can generally find. The comparison in size is a 1:160 scale and is beginning to grow in popularity. Items can be purchased separately or in box sets. A good thing about this type of scale is that it allows for more complex and realistic layouts, especially for small spaces. The reason being is that curves in tracks can be made much more gradual.

The great thing about the growth in popularity is the increase in amounts of accessories available for sets. The downside to such a small scale is the inability for children to be involved simply because of the small and intricate nature of the pieces. Manipulating some of the pieces can be difficult for even some of the seasoned collectors.

HO Scale

The HO scale is larger than the N scale in that it comes in a 1:87.1 scale. This is the most popular size available because it allows for a small and intricate layout while being easier to manipulate the larger pieces. These pieces may still be small for young children but offers a wide variety of accessories and can be a challenge for a child to grow into. An O scale is 1:48 and is the most widely recognized due to the Lionel train set that was available for children. At this size there are still quite a few accessories available but the layout tends to suffer due to the amount of space needed. Children find this size easy to work with as well.

G Scale

The G scale is one of the larger options and can come in between 1:22.5 to 1:29 depending on the manufacturer. This size allows the collector to have a great amount of detail but they must have a large amount of room for a decent size layout. The accessories are more expensive for this size and fewer options are available. Children are able to manipulate and operate this size scale very easily as well. Whichever size you wish to collect, finding and building railroad scales in Dallas can be a great bonding activity between children and their parents or grandparents.

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