Back Troubles: Finding a Spine Surgeon

While Los Angeles is known for having a bevy of plastic surgeons, that’s not exactly the kind of services you’re looking for right now. You need someone to take a look at your back, which you’ve been told will probably need surgery. So now you have the task of finding a spine surgeon in Los Angeles, one who you can trust with such an important job.

Don’t Ignore This

You might be tempted to put the whole thing off. After all, those painkillers help quite a bit. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. It can’t really be as bad as they say; surgery isn’t really necessary, right? Wrong. You don’t want to take chances when you’re dealing with your spinal cord. It is such an important part of your body; it allows you to be able to move, work, and hug your kids. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your back.

Whether you have a bulging disc or some other spine problem, delaying treatment is about the worst thing you could do. You can’t assume the severity of the problem based on your pain level, either. You might think that because your pain is improved that maybe your back is healing on its own. Those are assumptions you cannot afford. The best thing to do is follow the advice of your doctor, and if they say you need to see a specialist then do it.

Where to Go

Are you convinced yet? Good. So how do you find a spine surgeon in Los Angeles who is skilled enough to be trusted with your spine? If your primary care physician or other doctor hasn’t given you any referrals then make sure to ask for some. Just because you do get a name from your doctor, doesn’t mean that you have to go to them. You would be wise to do a little research on your own before committing to a spine specialist. Check online at a website like Health Grades, which lists physicians by specialty and shares their education, office information, board certification, any special honors, and patient satisfaction surveys. You can also learn if a doctor has ever been sanctioned or disciplined and the details of the sanction. You can usually also find reviews from past patients that are very insightful and candid. They give you a glimpse at the bedside manner of the physician in question. You might also check to see if the doctor has any published success rates or procedures, either in medical journals or elsewhere. Most of the time a doctor that is publishing groundbreaking procedures and successful case studies is a doctor that is very determined and skilled. Whoever you decide to work with, just make sure you’ve done your homework; your spine is too critical to risk with just any old doctor.

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