Make a Movie with or without the Production Studio

In these days of readily available technology and the Internet, deciding to make a film is much simpler than it once was. With the proliferation of high quality video cameras for home use, what used to be the realm of the pros in a production studio in NYC and the truly dedicated amateurs is now also populated with those who are long-shot dreamers, bored, not all that serious, following a whim, or talented with no access to funding. Some of these guerilla filmmakers have found themselves accidentally (or not so) famous, and have since launched legitimate careers within the industry. Others’ films have been seen by exactly no one, or at least no one without an obligation to watch. Nonetheless, given the low investment and virtually nonexistent financial risk of doing so, it can be a lot of fun to try your hand at underground movie making. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Railroad Scales

When referring to railroad scales in Dallas, most people are referring to the size of a model in comparison to the real-life size option. This can be anything from tracks to a freight car. There are different options that people can choose from depending on how big they want their model representation to be.

N Scale

The N scale items are the smallest scale you can generally find. The comparison in size is a 1:160 scale and is beginning to grow in popularity. Items can be purchased separately or in box sets. A good thing about this type of scale is that it allows for more complex and realistic layouts, especially for small spaces. The reason being is that curves in tracks can be made much more gradual. Continue reading