The 4 Most Important Things You Have to do When Applying for a New Job

Obtaining a job interview is often a real struggle, particularly in times of higher unemployment rate and there’s a great deal of competition. The whole process of sending in an application and never ever hearing anything back is generally heart wrecking and can drain a person’s passion and self-confidence like no other thing.

Applying for a new job and getting that interview means a lot of preparation on your side. Keep these tips in mind in order to help increase your chances of getting that interview and eventually that job.

• Equip yourself with all pertinent info and have with you your CV, driver’s license (if you’ve got one), social security card and all sorts of things that will improve your odds of being hired. This might include things like addresses and phone numbers of former employers and referrals. Having these details at hand will ensure that you could complete the job application at the presence of the hiring manager instead of taking it home and be completed on the next day.

• Ensure that you review the entire application before completing anything and make certain you comprehend what’s required of you and observe the directions thoroughly. It is crucial that you review the entire application initially, because a few application request information in different ways from others and when you presume it’s asked one way and misinterpret the directions you will end up giving the prospective employer the impression that you are unable to follow directions. Also make sure you research the company that you are applying for fully. You could use a site like CrunchBase to do this!

How to Review Company CrunchBase Profiles from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

• Whenever you fill in a job application, do this as neatly as you can since if it isn’t done neatly the potential employer won’t take the time necessary to try and read the application, they are only likely to proceed to the other applications that are submitted more clearly. You could type the application form or even complete it on a computer but when carrying this out, ensure you use an easily readable font.

• Lastly, when you finally get that interview, make sure that you don’t lack in self-confidence. Successful job seekers will always appear like they know what they are doing and are simply oozing with confidence. But be careful, there is a fine line between having self-confidence and just downright being cocky, and potential employers can see cockiness from a mile away.

Remember these tips well because your chances of succeeding in your job application will surely increase. If you are interested in more business advice, I was featured in an interview recently with the people at, where I share a lot of personal insight to growing a business and hiring the right types of people!