What You Should Do for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Going through heart surgery is never an easy ordeal. Recovering from such surgery isn’t simple either. There are many routines and protocols you have to adhere to in order to ensure you recuperate completely. You have to be mindful of what movements you make, what you eat, and other considerations before you can consider yourself as good as new. Whether you have surgery due to a heart illness or occlusion, you can benefit from applying these guidelines for cardiac rehabilitation in Bloomfield Hills.

Diet Recommendations

It’s common knowledge that fat-filled foods are no good for a patient recovering from cardiac surgery. To be more specific, you should avoid foods high in cholesterol, saturated fats, and trans fats. You’ll often find foods with saturated fats that include several animal meats, lard, skin, butter, cream, whole milk, baked foods, and fried foods. It’s recommended by the American Heart Association that you limit your saturated fat consumption to seven percent of your entire calorie intake. Continue reading