Causes of Spider Veins and What a Spider Vein Doctor Can Do

The unsightly look of spider veins can be incredibly embarrassing to many people. Contacting a Beaumont spider vein doctor is a great idea, as they have the right type of tools and methods needed to properly treat spider veins and provide you with beautiful looking skin once again. In some cases, a doctor will be able to help you with the problem in less than 3 visits to their office. Since many people are so embarrassed by their spider veins, it can lead them to stay covered up, rarely wearing shorts or even putting on a bathing suit. Don’t let your spider veins ruin your life; try some of the treatments used to make your legs beautiful once again.

What Is a Spider Vein?

A spider vein is simply a varicose vein that is noticeable. They are located close to the surface of the skin and are most commonly found on the legs, face, and sometimes the stomach. It is common for women to see an increase in spider veins after pregnancy and childbirth. Individuals that are fair-skinned often see an increase in these veins. Individuals that have too much sun exposure can also see an increase in spider veins as they age. They also arise during weight gain or weight loss. The reason they occur is due to weak valves that are unable to push the blood back up to the heart and the veins are a result of the blood being stuck. Continue reading