Why You Shouldn’t Settle for What is Openly Available to You, Especially if it is Comfortable

Most people, by their nature, enjoy being within their comfort zone whether it’s with their work or inside society. To better appreciate this aspect, let’s think of our routine throughout a day. If there seems a new thing that differs from our normal routine and most likely can change all of our plans for that particular day, it will spoil our day and can make us feel uneasy and insecure.

While it’s easy to feel good with the things that are openly available to us, it is simply not good for you in the long run.

Do Things You’ve Never Done

If you’re to get out of your comfort zone, you must be ready to part ways with some habits, environments and even people. If you’re not pleased with where you stand in life, you need to understand that where you are comes from the actions you are taking at present. Rather than eating clean, the only food in your comfort zone is junk. Instead of making an effort to exercise, you stay seated on the soft couch inside your comfort zone. These activities will keep you caught where you are if you do not switch them with new good ones. If you’d like a thing you have never had, you must do things you haven’t done. Think that can be difficult? Writing down your goals is a good way to start doing those things that you’ve never done in order to get out of your comfort zone!

The First Step to Success is Listing Your Goals from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

You must challenge yourself every day. The more you’ll be able to push yourself, the more likely you’ll get there. You can’t focus on how far you need to go or where you wish to be in one year. Your goal should lie on what you should do right now to be a step closer to achieving your objectives. Eating healthy can become the norm; working out will become a priority; getting 8 hours of sleep becomes possible. Should you be consistent with these little steps, they will gradually accumulate and take you in places you wish to be.

Help Yourself Grow

Very clearly, we’re not trees, and we do just don’t keep growing, unless you really work on that. Plus, age-wise too, the organic growth only relates to our physical bodies. To get a holistic development and growth, particularly for our mental and spiritual development, at all ages, we need to make an effort. If you are comfortable, you will stop trying and thus, your growth comes to a screeching halt.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me on my Facebook page at facebook.com/alimayar400, and I will try to answer anything you throw my way! The only way people have succeeded in the past is by stepping out of what they know and into new realms, and if you can get out of your comfort zone, you too can accomplish great things!