What To Do When Fear of Failure Has Started to Consume Your Life

For those who have a fear of failure, it’s not just you. A lot of people do have this fear. Nevertheless, the fear of failing can do a lot more than prevent you from becoming successful. Additionally, it may hold you back in some other areas, such as your basic life enjoyment. In many cases, the fear of failure evolves over a duration of time, often brought on by negative experiences or environment.

Having a fear of failure and letting it consume you can be very debilitating. However, you are not entirely helpless because it’s entirely possible to overcome your fear of failure.

Understand the Relationship Between Fear of Failure and Lack of Success

Despite the fact that too little success and fear of failure include some things in common, these are generally different. When you lack success, you have not succeeded for one reason or any other. When you have a fear of failure, you will not even make an effort to succeed, which often of course can result in an absence of success.

Understand What You are Missing

The greatest risk that individuals fail to think about is the benefits they lose by steering clear of high risk / high reward opportunities. The problem is that if you don’t take risk, you will not be able to take advantage of any opportunities. It is possible to live a peaceful and moderately happy life, but you’re less likely to develop new things, and you’re unlikely to create your mark within this world.

The First Step to Success is Listing Your Goals from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

Try the Baby Step Approach

Rather than seeking to complete one huge project completely, bust it into smaller and easily doable steps. Once again, take breaks on a regular basis so that you do not become extremely stressed or overwhelmed. Should you this, you will get back to your work completely relaxed and re-energized, equipped to deal with problems once more. This will help you become more positive as well.

Take Action

The ideal way to lessen fear and develop confidence is to take action. Once you do, you’ll start amassing knowledge and experience. All things are the hardest the very first time. It’s like leaping off a high cliff right into a lake – as you do it once, you realize that the water doesn’t pose a threat and taking a leap again becomes easier. Begin with small steps and develop your confidence until your fear becomes a lot more manageable.

Recently I wrote an article about staying focused throughout the day, and different strategies you can implement to make it easier. In order to get rid of the fear of failure, you need an immense amount of focus! Since I thought the two are related, I urge you to check out an article that post was featured in on WDRB.com. Hope you enjoyed the read!

- Ali Mayar